Little Ones With Cancer
The Rotary Club distributes aid to low-income families with children with cancer from other regions that require items and donations not covered by health plans. In addition to the problems associated with the disease, we aim for these families not to have additional problems.
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Niños Sin Cancer Qué Podemos Hacer Por Ellos Club Rotario Bogotá Multicentro
  • Help with money for urban and interdepartmental transport for patients.
  • Help with toiletries and related comfort.
  • Help with wardrobe elements: underwear, slippers, scarves, sweatshirts, t-shirts, tennis, pajamas, jackets and towels.
  • Help with medical supplies that the patient does not receive from health entities: Ondansetron (Plasil), various analgesics, according to formula.
  • Help with supplements such as Pediasure, Ensure, formula milks for patients who require it.

With your help we can reach more children

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NIT 860.516.379-1

Rotary International is a non-profit humanitarian organization of friends and community leaders who work together to drive change to improve life in their own town and around the world.
Rotary International founded in 1905 by Paul Harris, currently has more than 32,000 Clubs worldwide and about 1,200,000 members in different countries.

The Rotary Club Bogotá Multicentro is a 40-year-old organization made up of volunteers, member of the humanitarian organization Rotary International, which aims to help the neediest in more than 200 countries. Our Club has the Rotary Club Foundation Bogotá Multicentro, constituted under the NIT 860.516.379-1, with legal status No 6130 granted by the Ministry of Justice, having legal representative Dr. Carlos Ernesto Zamudio Calvo.

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